You Have a Lot on Your Plate... We Can Help!

MSPs have a lot on their plate when it comes to servicing their clients. From designing and implementing the network layout, figuring out identity and authentication management to deciding on the correct hardware profile for the end users.

Cybersecurity is becoming a larger concern for the clients of MSPs. Whether it be through legislation or the seemingly endless news reports of companies and municipalities suffering devastating breaches, there is a growing awareness of the importance of cybersecurity and MSPs are expected to address those concerns.

From Asset Management to Recovery Planning...

Hudson Infosec provides customized and cost-effective cybersecurity policies for your clients based on the NIST risk assessment guidelines and the NIST core framework. We don’t simply give you and your clients boilerplate cybersecurity templates –  we perform the full NIST cybersecurity assessment (all 800+ pages). Once we finish the assessment, we then create a set of customized cybersecurity policies that are not only relevant to the specific needs of your client, but practical when it comes to implementation.

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