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Ayewo is Hudson Infosec's highly secure and fully automated hardware / software solution for vulnerability scans (both periodic and on demand) and limited penetration testing (on demand).


How does it work?

Ayewo utilizes highly power efficient hardware along with custom software to conduct scans of network (Ethernet only at this time)

what do I get?

The information gathered is then compiled into reports. Examples of reports include:

  • C-Suite Summaries

  • IT Manager Summaries

  • Detailed Reports

  • Reports for Industry Regulators 

  • Reports for Partners

  • Results integration into your custom application via Ayewo APIs

who is this for?

Ayewo is for MSPs/MSSPs, consultants, integrators who are seeking a very cost effective and automated way to have an independent means of conducting regular vulnerability scans (think weekly) of their clients and generating automated reports or integrate the results into their own applications via several APIs. 

It's also for organizations, non-profits and municipalities that take cybersecurity seriously and want insight as to what is happening with their computing assets.


Ayewo is scheduled for general availability in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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