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What is serverless?

Serverless allows you to run the software that defines your business in the cloud with the absolute minimum of expense along with a high degree of automation.

It is a computing design methodology allows you to scale your business from a single person with a great idea to an enterprise with dozens of locations and many more employees automatically and affordably. 

Your business is much more than a regular business when you migrate to the cloud. Your business is now a platform. A platform that enables you to scale your business in a way that you never thought was possible.


At Hudson Infosec we focus on the software design concept of serverless and automation. Serverless computing allows you to build out your platform utilizing the full power of AWS without the traditional associated costs of deploying servers that have to be managed by expensive IT staff. Yes, even virtual servers require IT staff.


Instead of the reoccurring salaries for IT staff, your financial resources are put towards the software that defines your platform and its continual improvement.


With cybersecurity at the core of everything we do, Hudson Infosec provides custom and secure cloud solutions based on Amazon Web Services, to take your business, your platform to the next level.

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